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Cryogenic Carbon Captureâ„¢ (CCC) is designed to separate a nearly pure stream of CO2 from power plant gases. This technology adds a process to the plant after the normal energy production and there separates the CO2 from the other gases. In conservative estimates Cryogenic Carbon Capture technology provides a significantly more cost effective and practical solution to carbon capture in today's market.

Particle measurements using CCC

Major benefits of Cryogenic Carbon Capture

• CCC is a bolt-on technology, making it possible to leverage the existing energy infrastructure.

• Stores and regenerates energy (minimizes or avoids new plant construction).

• Replaces/Reduces SO2, NOx, and Hg treatments (offsetting up to 25-30 percent of the capital cost of a new installation)

• Provides a high-pressure nitrogen stream that can dramatically increase conversion efficiency for high-grade heat.

• Provides inherent low temperature stream (decreases turbine outlet temperature for better efficiency and reduces or eliminates cooling water requirements)

More Information

Flow Diagram

Cost Comparisons

Published Information

These are secondary to the main benefit, a more cost effective and practical CO2 capture system. These are not taken into consideration when doing cost comparisons. No competing technology offers any of the above benefits, each of which play a large role in boiler siting, permitting and operations. Thus, this technology saves cost by eliminating need for a new facility and an elimination of costly gas treatment stages in a new installation.

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